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Trade cryptocurrencies simply and quickly

Invest in the most profitable market of the moment using the most efficient and assertive robot.


Automated Trading

Direction Indicators

There are several customized tools that work together and in accordance with the purpose of identifying ideal moments for our robot to make new entries in the market with the greatest possible assertiveness.

Average Price

It is a structured operation that adds more lots to an already established position and tends to be quite positive. Our robot makes new purchases with each market drop or each new Bullish Indicators entry signal.


Flexibility, agility and profitability

Get started right now and get immediate access to the robot with all its features and you can also participate in our Affiliate Program.

We offer exclusive tools

Protection from the Risk Zone

It is not interesting to buy too many assets when their prices are close to resistance lines. That's why we developed a tool that allows our users to prevent the robot from making these purchases in these higher risk areas in their brokerage accounts.

Adaptive Band Operation

All markets face better or worse moments and, thinking about it, we have developed a solution with which our users can take advantage of each market moment with a different profile strategy.

Floating Profit

The robot only sells the cryptocurrency when its price stops rising and starts falling and the user can set the desired drop percentage for the robot to sell this asset. This feature absorbs all the growth potential if the market is in a bullish moment. But Scalping can also be done by disabling the tool.


The traded assets are in the custody of our users

The API permission that our users configure on exchanges does not allow the transfer of their assets to other accounts, which generates even more transparency and security.


These are the brokers our robot is connected to, just choose and click. It's fast and safe.

Certified Exchanges


Yes, that's right, it's that simple!

Our trading platform is very intuitive and anyone can use our robot, even without any experience in the financial market.

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About us

We are a team of experienced professionals in the financial market, passionate about what we do and in the last 4 years we have gathered our technical knowledge, practices in several areas and specific skills to create this solution, which will generate excellent results for our users.


Promote financial autonomy for people by activating in them their perception of their investment power


Contribute to a free and financially independent society, where families are the main beneficiaries


Family, truth, honesty, loyalty and financial tranquility

Contact us

Contact us

If you would like to receive more information on how to participate in this project, please contact us and one of our affiliates will speak with you.


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